Pressimus Report produces original news, reports and commentary. We also curate news and content from across the web.

The Internet is a big place, and today’s news stories have only become more complicated. Even professional journalists and policy experts often spend most of their days reading, researching, and learning about world events. Pressimus Report–a new project of Pressimus Media Inc.–is about bringing all of that information to you.

We are dedicated to bringing you timely and relevant news from around the globe. What sets Pressimus Report apart is that not only do we have excellent original content, we also promote great journalism from hundreds of different news organizations all at once. We are run by full-time journalists and technologists who write our own analysis and also share the many interesting articles and pieces of information we come across in the course of our research. Reading Pressimus Report is like having your own personal journalist to explain some of the most complicated news stories of the day.

Pressimus Report is run by Sam Razi and James Miller.

Sam Razi is the founder of Pressimus Media Inc. and the inventor of the Pressimus social-live-publishing platform. Sam is an experienced technologist who became inspired to create Pressimus after he covered Iran in 2009 for Iran News Now, which he also founded. Sam’s reporting used primarily social media to source, verify and distribute live, breaking news.  This practice led him to an early realization that the practice journalism was about to undergo a major disruption.  Journalists would need to become comfortable and fluent in technology, and technologists would have to create tools that journalists can use to rapidly source and report on stories.   For the past 5 years, Sam has focused on creating tools for journalists and writers. The Pressimus platform currently powers the independent news organization The Interpreter as well as this publication (Pressimus Report), other publications and independent writers.  Follow Sam on Twitter at: @samrazi

James Miller is the Managing Editor of The Interpreter where he reports on Russia, Ukraine, and Syria. James runs the “Under The Black Flag” column at RFE/RL which provides news, opinion, and analysis about the impact of the Islamic State extremist group in Syria, Iraq, and beyond. He is a contributor at The Daily BeastForeign Policy, The Atlantic Council, and other publications. He is an expert on verifying citizen journalism, and has been covering developments in the Middle East, specifically Syria and Iran, since 2009. Follow him on Twitter: @MillerMENA

Sam and James met while covering the unrest following the Iran election in 2009, frequently collaborating on live-blogs and stories.